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Creating Excellence

Offers valuable and proven frameworks, principles and skills for managing strategy, culture and change in today's business environment. The book's indepth examination of strategic change and cultural transformation is as relevant today as it was when the book was first published more than two decades ago. An international bestseller translated into fourteen languages. INC. magazine described it as "Required reading."


The Workbook for Creating Excellence

Provides step-by-step exercises, checklists, tests, role-playing cases to help you become a more effective strategic thinker, culture builder and change master. An essential guide for thoroughly analyzing your company and making it work for you.


The Future 500

A revolutionary methodology that includes Perspective, Power and Pivot Management to help business leaders deal with the accelerating volatility, heightened competition and growing complexity of today's business environment. Warren Bennis called this book "An important read … with an alluring vision of the future of management."


Mind of a Manager, Soul of a Leader

Shows you how to capitalize on the natural strengths of managers and leaders to create an integrated and balanced working environment. Learn to take advantage of the diversity of your people by orchestrating the full range of their capabilities along the management-leadership continuum. An international bestseller described by Stephen Covey as "Profound … enormously significant."


Practical Business Genius

Identifies 50 crucial questions that every business leader should ask and answer on a regular basis to achieve high levels of performance, superior results and enduring growth. An excellent primer for brainstorming sessions and strategy retreats. Ken Blanchard called this book "Indispensable … it's all there: the why and how, theory and application, concepts and cases, principles and practices, questions and answers.

The Strategy Game

Puts you at the helm of a troubled company and challenges you, chapter by chapter, to hammer out tough choices that lead to great success or abject failure. A game you can play again and again to explore the outcome of different strategic choices. From BusinessWeek, "Reading the news, you might think you could do at least as well as most chief executives running large companies these days. Here's your chance to prove it." A bestseller translated into numerous languages.

The Oz Principle

Helps people become more accountable for their thoughts, feelings, actions and results, so they can move their organizations to ever greater heights. Whether you're attempting to redesign, revitalize or reinvent your organization, one simple factor will determine your success or failure: individual and joint accountability for results. Michael Eagle, a senior executive at Eli Lilly and Company, predicted that the book "will transform corporate America and prepare us for the 21st century." Thousands of copies of the book continue to be sold each year. A 10th anniversary edition is available.

The Organization Game

An interactive business game where you make or break the company. Engages readers in a suspenseful exploration of the myriad of organizational philosophies and approaches facing today's businesses. From USA Today, "Each chapter presents a dilemma … Your decisions determine your fate … a virtual reality experience."

The Productivity Game

Gives you a fascinating way to sharpen your practical knowledge of one of today's toughest business issues: how to get more with less. Learn proven techniques for building productivity and enhancing competitiveness. "Perfect for developing thinking and decision-making skills," according to Industry Week magazine.

The Fourth Dimension

Offers proven techniques to help you excel in three primary work dimensions: PowerWork, NetWork and ValueWork. Learn how to integrate these primary dimension into an incredibly potent Fourth Dimension where a new level of personal and organizational performance can be achieved. Nolan Archibald, CEO of The Black & Decker Corporation, described the book as "an invaluable roadmap to effectively dealing with the challenging and complex new world of work."


Starting Up

Part razor-sharp business manual, part adventure novel, this always-entertaining book provides expert insight into the real-world problems and challenges faced by today's entrepreneurs. Find out if you've got what it takes to start and grow your own business. "You'll learn how to think and survive like an entrepreneur," according to Dale Moser, CEO of Niwot Technology Center.

An Innovator's Tale

Focuses on the trials and tribulations of a newly promoted vice president of new product development who has been thrust into a world of corporate turnaround, duplicity, and espionage. Readers learn by her example as she discovers and applies secrets of innovation and survival in supercompetitive markets. The book teaches new techniques, new ways of thinking and evolving, and methods for overcoming the fear of change that destroys even the strongest companies. A compelling and suspenseful novel that offers a great story and specialized guidance for leaders who need to find fresh ideas, and fresh profit, fast.

Management Malpractice

Cynicism and distrust is rampant in today's business environment. Great management principles, once the backbone of successful companies, are now often used and manipulated by corporate leaders for their own gain. If left unchecked, these formerly great principles turn into malpractices that damage morale, thwart productivity and destroy companies. Management Malpractice provides practical advice for preventing and curing abuses and shows how managers and organizations can work together to restore value to their organizations.

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